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The Boca Mall murders

By Kevin Deutsch I’ve covered a lot of killers during my 17-year career as a true crime journalist, but only one man—the most methodical of the bunch—has ever showed up in my dreams. I still see his face sometimes while I sleep: a stoic, impenetrable mask, wholly indifferent to whether…

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Stealing Manhattan

By Burl Barer My name is Burl Barer.  I write books and tell stories. You read books and enjoy stories. We will get along just fine,  First of all, let me share some wonderful news  I am, at this very moment, living every true crime author’s dream.  What is that…

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Is true crime dead … or just choking on its own blood?

By Ron Franscell For many years, acquisition editors in New York have justified their rejections of true-crime manuscripts by saying, “Sorry, but true crime is on life support”—mostly as a way of letting authors down easy. It’s true that the true-crime genre has been in a coma several times since…

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