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The real life of a crime: Amityville, New York, Nov. 18th 1974

By Paula Uruburu It was not your typical obituary, written for one person. It was written for six. As reported in the New York Times: “Nearly 1,000 friends, relatives, and village residents gathered here today at the funeral services for the six members of the DeFeo family who were found…

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Who fairs better and why: mental health, money, and resiliency

By Robin Sax Poverty, race, and class are considered significant determinants of mental health outcomes.  Most research cites a higher prevalence of disease, greater risk for physical, mental, and emotional health issues among poor people and people of color (Bradley & Corwyn, 2002).  The converse assumption is that wealthy, white,…

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Psychosis: Ronald Reagan and the mentally ill

By Dennis McDougal My daughter called a couple weeks ago and I didn’t answer. She rang twice. Again, I let her go to voicemail: “I’m just trying one more time to get through to you,” she said. “I really would like to speak with you and find out what I…

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The tragic yet utterly preventable death of Sandeep Dhaliwal-Texas first Sikh sheriff’s deputy

By Andy Kahan Harris County Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was the first Sikh Deputy in Texas and a trendsetter nationally. He was one of the first law enforcement officers in the country by way of a policy change to wear a beard and a turban on duty.  He was tragically the…

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Making the John Wayne Gacy murders

By John Borowski I am currently producing a film titled: The John Wayne Gacy Murders: Life and Death in Chicago. Through this blog, I wanted to relate some of the stories about making this film and filmmaking in general.  Initially, I wanted to produce local midwest crime stories starting with…

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The Hanna Montessori Murder

By Dottie Laster Whenever I see a Montessori school, my memories go back to my first days as leader of the Orange County California Human Trafficking Task Force. I was just three years into combating human trafficking and still learning the scope of its reach when I moved to Santa…

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Writing About Ted Bundy Came as a Real Surprise

By Kevin M. Sullivan It’s true…I never intended to write about the serial killer, Ted Bundy.  I knew who he was, and had some basic knowledge of the case; that is, Bundy began murdering women in Washington State, but had also killed in other states such as Utah and Colorado,…

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The case of the blue beard and its missing curly cue

By Paul La Rosa You never know where you’ll find a great true crime story.  I was reminded of this in September 2019 when I was on vacation in Sicily. I was touring a small museum in an even smaller town when a true crime story with ties to Jacqueline…

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