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If you can’t trust your bank, whom can you trust?

By Burl Barer “He’s a liar and a fraud,” yelled Adam, “and he will go to jail and go to hell.” The object of Adam’s ire is unknown even to me, and I’m the guy who wrote the sentence in the first place. I simply wanted to create a sentence…

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A behind the scenes look at witnessing executions: The good, the bad, the ugly

By Andy Kahan Today it’s considered not to be a big deal for surviving family members of homicide to witness an execution, so let me give everyone a historical perspective on how what is now the norm came to be in the great state of Texas. Join me as we…

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Yuletide crimes

By Ron Franscell The song says it’s the most wonderful time of the year—but it has historically been a lot less wonderful for some. Crime doesn’t take a holiday. In fact, evil celebrates those the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, too. You already know that burglars, muggers, identity…

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Modern Day Bullying

By Michelle Sacks Bullying seems like such a watered-down term.  Its overuse is deflating the efficacy. Cases can easily be ignored due to inappropriate use of the term.   Surprisingly, the term was first used as a term of endearment such as sweetheart.  The word then morphed to a term used…

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Domestic violence and the holidays

By Norma Peterson Many people assume that domestic violence spikes during the holidays, but it doesn’t. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a year-round problem. Seasonal stresses like family gatherings, tight finances, and alcohol may add tension to an already abusive situation, but they do not cause domestic violence. Abuse is always an intentional…

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Who ya gonna call? Nancy Drew, that’s who

By Dennis McDougal For those who despair that retirement means golf, quilting, babysitting grandkids and an occasional ocean cruise until the Grim Reaper shows up, let me introduce you to Cheryl Sanchez-Simmons and her Nancy Drew Squad. Sanchez-Simmons, Lynwood (Ca) High School class of 1974, contacted me a few weeks…

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The disappointing disempowerment of women by the Country Music Awards of 2019

By Dottie Laster I love and often listen to many artists of country music. I believe it is up to us to help the leaders of the Country Music Awards (CMA) to make a needed course correction. The Country Music genre has a heavy male spin on songs that receive…

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The mysterious death of Carla Jean Shaffer

By Paul LaRosa Was an unusual death on beautiful Orcas Island a suicide or something else entirely? Carla Jean Shaffer’s death has always been a mystery but was it a murder?  That’s the question haunting her friends and family nearly 14 years after her passing. Many theories abound, everything from…

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