Our Writers

Burl Barer
Edgar Award winning author and two-time Anthony Award nominee,  literary historian and radio host.

John Borowski
independent filmmaker and author. The focus of his work has been on late nineteenth and early twentieth century serial killers,

Tor Ekeland
Computer law and trial attorney. Best known for representing hackers and white collar defendants.

Hart Fisher
Legendary horror creator, internationally known publisher, critically acclaimed poet, CEO of the American Horrors television network and director of the 3rd annual American Horrors Film Festival.

Andy Kahan
Victim advocate. Formerly with the Houston Mayor’s office. Now with Crime Stoppers.

Norma Peterson
Domestic violence advocate and speaker. Victim family member.

Fred Rosen
 A true crime author with 24 books published world-wide.  His new book, Bat Masterson, The First Dreamer, includes seven murders Masterson was involved in.  It's available on Amazon.

Michelle Sacks

Robin Sax
Author, lawyer, clinical therapist, TV legal analyst, radio host. Former prosecutor for the State of CA.