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If you can’t trust your bank, whom can you trust? Part 2

By Burl Barer Good news for me: Chase bank finally gave me back the money stolen from me in May, 2019 by  the mysterious Paul Cape. Why this sudden alteration in attitude after denying my claim four times?  Well, simple, actually. I took my complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection…

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Triumph over tragedy

  By Andy Kahan On January 20, 2020, I walked into the Bexar (San Antonio) Courthouse along with several other victims’ families to witness the Nurse Baby Killer/Angel of Death Genene Jones agree to a plea deal  that would essentially ensure she would spend the rest of her life in…

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The shadow of the stratosphere: death and drugs in Las Vegas

By Burl Barer The incongruity of the Stratosphere’s impressive tower, taller than the Eiffel, twice the size of Seattle’s famed Space Needle, reaching for the stars on that block of Las Vegas Blvd. is not lost on tourists. Those who stray from the bright lights and bell-ringing jackpots of the…

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Poor Little Butterfly: Art, Crime, and the Real Lolita

By Paula Uruburu “You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style.” Humbert Humbert, Lolita It is at least a decade since I assigned Nabokov’s shocking and provocative novel Lolita — the          last time was for an undergraduate course called Crime and Punishment…

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When true crime was sung

By Michelle Sacks While listening to a podcast the other day, I learned a new term, murder ballad.   I immediately thought of popular songs that have elicited controversy due to their depiction of murder and domestic abuse.  That initial thought made me wonder about the antiquity of this genre. …

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What have we learned from the minds of thrill killers? Not much.

CNN rang the other day. Asked me to New York to sit for an interview about THE YOSEMITE MURDERS, my 2000 study of the strange, grisly thrill killing of three women tourists and a National Park naturalist in 1999.  Headline News, CNN’s little sister, agreed to foot the bill so…

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The trial of the century

By Fred Rosen William Barclay “Bat” Masterson still holds great influence.   Remembered by many for his adventures in America’s Old West – buffalo hunter, scout, gunfighter, Dodge City sheriff – in 20th Century New York City, he became a sportswriter.  However, Masterson left a legacy that is much more intricate….

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Careful what you have on your cell phone—especially in a murder case

By Paul La Rosa In every murder case, there is some collateral damage. I’m not talking about the ripple effect of how deeply a murder affects both the victim and defendant’s families. I’m talking about how the spotlight that can shine embarrassingly bright on innocent bystanders who had nothing to…

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